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Why we exist

Our reason to exist is founded on working smart and thinking smarter. Being an innovation leader means doing things that haven't been done yet, taking chances, and always looking for the new destination to strive for.

We believe in getting things done and moving forward in structured frameworks when then can apply (be they project management frameworks, six sigma frameworks, etc. What separates us is we know these are fast-changing times and with increasing frequency you can no longer simply maintain status quo by managing known frameworks with greater efficiency. Sometimes the returns become too diminished as the ecomony has changed and what's worked in the past no longer works today. Sometimes you have to venture forth in areas not yet known. That requires leadership. That requires innovation. That requires a firm grasp of business essentials along with a firm grasp of traditional frameworks combined with a keen innovative streak to discover the not yet discovered. That's where we step in.

What we do

Our services and solutions range from Cloud-based solutions, IT Consultancy, Document Management and Collaboration solutions, IT Security solutions and Search Engine Optimization and web Consultancy.

We serve clients in various vertical sectors including the financial sector, governmental organizations including school systems, and non-profits.

Lean Innovations

Nontechnical managers are increasingly being given oversight of the IT budget as many CIOs report to Finance, and perhaps rights so. IT is a function of business and needs to follow the suit as played. Nevertheless the truth is and has always been IT is a open-ended opportunity to not only decrease existing costs through automations and smart rethinking, but also a compelling means for creating new innovations for the organizations business.

Lean Innovation opportunities need to be a sustained approach, built into the fabric of the IT Shop from the ground up, incorporating a range of now standardized technologies to lean out the infrastructure:

  • Cloud Computing: Selectively stores customer-sensitive data “in the cloud” using private, public and hybrid solutions. Also offers test, deploy and run applications with help from third parties, which can lower staff, facilities and equipment costs.
  • Virtualization and Data-Center Consolidation: Lets multiple systems and applications run on a single virtual server, thereby helping IT departments reduce their hardware requirements and operate with fewer, smaller data centers — which also use less energy.
  • As a Service: Lets the IT group offer computing and business processes as on-demand services. Applications, computer platforms, the IT infrastructure and even business processes can now be offered as services that internal users pay on an as-needed basis.

More difficult is bringing IT to the business table of constantly looking improve the bottom-line. Business-oriented innovation is a mind-set, a perspective, a habit-formed. The dual dynamic of Lean Innovation is practically a contradiction in terms and it explores 2 opposite modes of thinking at once: lean out the existing process to lower costs, and expand out the possibilities of potential and opportunity. How can these contrasting concepts coincide? Exactly. That's our job.

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